about chloris grove

Sasha Orosco, Co-Owner

I’m a full-time Vascular Specialist and a mother of three. I am driven by exploring humanistic approaches to improve people’s wellbeing and longevity. 

As a Vascular Ultrasound Specialist, many of the consequences of poor lifestyle habits are observed daily with each patient that I examine. 

This offers me a unique perspective on seeing how vital our simple everyday choices can affect our overall health and quality of life. 

My business partner and I came together with a goal to create the best quality products for our community and to educate as many individuals as we can about the superior benefits of this natural plant. 

Stacey Hernandez, Co-Owner

I was always very healthy growing up. I worked out daily and ate all the right foods. I had 2 very easy uncomplicated pregnancies and then everything changed when I got pregnant for the third time. 

During my second trimester intense pain kicked in, pain all over my body. I ended up getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My husband did his research and introduced me to CBD. I was very resistant to it as I don’t take “drugs”. 

I then did my research and started applying it topically to the areas on my body which had pain. To my surprise, my pain went away. I then tried tinctures and they helped me even more. 

Together with my husband and co-owner we joined forces to provide premium CBD and educate others on all the possible benefits this plant has to offer.